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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

6 Reason And Solution Why Teens Have Sex

Sex is something meant for the adults,but our teens has now turn it to a play things,The Dream of every parent is to see there child in a happy home with children's but it seems our teens are finding it difficult to wait till that moment,they are so hungry to do what adult does.Many life's has been destroyed,
Many homes has fallen apart with there action so it's important for we parents to stop them before there actions stops them afterall there problem is ours that's why you must do everything to stop them before it will be too late,Below are what to expect in this article.

  • Why Teens Have Sex
  • Solution To Teen Having Sex

                       Why Teens  Have  Sex 

Environment is one of the factors that dictate the behavior of a teen,Parent are not always at home so they cannot know what there child are doing when they arent around, A bad environment tends to corrupt the teens mind by changing there perceptive to sex.

  • Be Conscious of your Environment-
Study your Environment,know the kind of Environment you are,by knowing this you will know how to deal with your teen girl or boy, Always put it in mind  that a bad Environment as the ability of influencing your teen girl or boy negatively.The best way to avoid a bad Environment from influencing your teen is
  • Enrol them to a private lessons if they are still in school
  • Arrange an after school/Work Program(teaching them about sex Education)
  • Spend some time with your teens tell them stories of values in the society
    Peer Group Pressure-it always occur as a result of bad Environment,it involves the opposite Sex or Friends pile pressure on the other by calling them names e.g Mother of Jesus,We are not in the same category,we are not of the same class some even neglect them in other to make them feel the pressure therefore changing there view and idea of sex
    • Show them a value in the society,tell them there stories,how friends almost destroy there life ,how they became successful and a value
    •  Let them listen to motivating an inspiring program.

    Sexual Attractions-
    Teens can be Sexually Aroused due to the appearance of the other,the way he/she handles thing,or loving what she loves, A good Sense of Humour,This can trigger there sex hormone thereby giving them the desire to have sex.
    • A Good  Sex Education will  Make them control themselves when the urge comes
    • Advise them and tell them the importance of Education
    • Tell them the importance/usefullness of waiting until adult before having sex
    • Tell them how dangerous the diseases involve like HIV and other STDcan be and its impact in there life
      *Exposure To Pornographic-
      The internet is the fastest way to be exposed to porn videos,picture,images and games,almost all teenagers are using mobile devices like android,iPhone etc which enable them to watch with a search on the Net.Pornographic increase the urge of a young teenager and increases there chances of succumbing to temptation of having sex.
      • The best solution to watching porn is to buy them mobile phone that can do less i.e that cannot watch videos
      Parental Influence
      Teens can also have sex because there parents does,A promiscuous parent will influence her Teen especially Female. To be the same as she is.
      • Change your ways and start teaching your children the way to live
      • Abstain from Fornication because the childrens are watching
      • Be a value and show them one in the society
      Wrong Sex Education
      Wrong Sex Education changes the view and idea of a teen on sex,it can be as a result of the environment they lived in or media/internet.It changes the perceptives of teens about sex amd make them believe in something else.

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