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Saturday, December 10, 2016

How To Choose The Right Skin Care Products
Choosing the right skin care products is necessary not only for a radiant and glowing skin but also for overall health and wellness,it is important to note that 60%-70% of stuff you use on your body are absorbed  therefore there is need to choose a better products that won't affect health or pose danger to your skin,below are tips on how to choose the perfect / healthy skin care products.

°Read Label;

This is the best way to avoid buying unhealthy skin care products,whenever  you want to buy a product,read the label,by reading the label you will no the kind of products it is,what it is made up of

°Research The Ingredient
After reading the label,the next thing is to research the ingredient used,some products are claiming to be anti-aging,moisturizing,organic,natural etc the best way to know is to research the products by highlighting and researching each ingredient used to make up the products, we have made things easy,it's stressing researching each ingredient used,this make us create a page where you can submit your skin care products,don't worry about researching because it will be done for you.To Submit Click Here

°Know Your Skin Type
Some people choose the wrong skin care products because they don't know there skin type ,skin type is categories into three(3)

*oily skin-is a type of skin that is shiny and dull it is caused when the sebaceous gland is overproduction.use an oil free moisturizer.I.e there will be AN OIL FREE on the product.

*Dry skin-they are dry, itchy,rough,scaly and always dull if you have a itchy or scaling skin it is a sign that you have dry skin,use a rich moisturizer or emollient.

*A Combination Skin-if you have an oily forehead,nose,and Chin with a dry cheeks you are suffering from a combination skin.Buy products that contains salicylic acid with oil free hydrators like glycerine and hyalarunic acid

°Do Some Sample test
Test the product on one part of yourself skin before using it,if it doesn't show any allergic reaction,or irritation within minutes or hours,it's good to use but if it shows that means the product is not compatible with your skin.

°Don't jump to Conclusion/Imitation
Don't assume a product is good for use without doing the tips or guidelines above,don't just choose because your friends used it an it works,it might work on your friends skin and not work on yours it can make you become frustrated or even add to your problem,do your
Research well before purchasing.

°Cool Down Your Frustration
I know the acnes are there, your face is dull,but cool down because there are safe product out there that can easily solve it,don't let frustration make you buy products that doesn't worth it,or products that will worsen your acne,product that contains a lot of harmful chemical that will pose danger to your health.

°If you have some extra tips please feel free to add them using the comments box.
Thank you.

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