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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advantages Of Buying Your Poultry Birds From Us

Are you thinking of venturing into poultry business and you are finding it hard to get a trusted seller don't worry we have that covered we have a lot of trusted sellers,marketers across the country,our sellers are screened and meet our requirements so you have nothing to worry about today in this article we are going to talk about the benefits and advantage of buying from us.

*First Day Vaccination-They will be given necessary vaccinations like destrox,mareks,gent in other to prevent future problems like Marek disease etc

*Easy Delivering:Have you been experiencing delayed delivering before that will be no more if you buy from us,your order will be delivered as fast as possible that is when payment is confirmed We will relieve you of doubting and worrying sometimes there is always a remix in which your birds will be delivered to the wrong person that will be no more if you buy from us.

*Proper Monitoring From Day One
We will monitor your birds from the first day until you sell,we will give you advice on the pick and off season ,we will address any kind of problem that may come presently or future.

*Free Marketing
If you buy from us you won't have difficulties selling because we will take care of all marketing stuff for you.

And so many more for more information visit our Contact Page.

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