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Saturday, December 10, 2016

How To Choose The Right Skin Care Products
Choosing the right skin care products is necessary not only for a radiant and glowing skin but also for overall health and wellness,it is important to note that 60%-70% of stuff you use on your body are absorbed  therefore there is need to choose a better products that won't affect health or pose danger to your skin,below are tips on how to choose the perfect / healthy skin care products.

°Read Label;


One day I was at my house,I saw a dog and he came to attack me I fought and defeated it with a rod,I said yes I am a man the next day I went to a bank dressed and doing nigga,I opened the door(electric door) and tried to enter I just noticed that something followed me in ah it's the dog I fought yesterday,I was shouting,and the dog is barking furiously,the door refused  to open I called the security,but they can't do anything the dog was barking,I was crying, when they finally opened the door I was already fainting from fear, they waked me up and I told them to kill the dog,I took

Friday, December 9, 2016

Mum vs Baby(Super Jokes)

Baby-mum I love you

Mum-i love you to my dear,I cannot do without you baby

After 17years,

Big boy-Mum i love you

Mum-don't think I will be fooled I get no money

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My pastor(jokes)

online best jokes
A conversation between Dapo and Pastor

Pastor:Dapo your wife need deliverance

Dapo:pastor you are right,pls help me deliver her

Pastor:Trust me,I have deliver so many people so I am an expert

Dapo:Are you going to do that in church

Pastor:No my son that will be done in my house I don't want to disturb God with your problem

Dapo:Murmuring,ok pastor help me deliver my wife from Hiv/Aids,Cancer, and So many STD

Pastor:so she is infected

Dapo:crying,yes my pastor

Pastor:No need for deliverance,you can take your stuff,don't worry your prayer has been answered(Angrily)

Dapo:en,en,en pastor

Pastor:pls don't talk you can take your leave

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Monday, December 5, 2016

8 ingredient to avoid when purchasing your skin care products

The list below are ingredients that must be avoided when purchasing skin care products,This ingredients will only give you short term beauty and long time regrets,some of them will give you some smoothness,beauty,and feeling of well being but in the long run they will only Aggravate acne,cause serious skin problems,it's not only going to affect your skin alone but also your health,it will be at stake,some can cause disruption of hormone,lung,kidney,liver damage,brain damage,reproductive toxicity e.t.c.let's look at this ingredient ranging from skin lightening,moisturizer,preservatives,antimicrobial e.t.c that must  be avoided;

Sunday, December 4, 2016


                     .       HOW WE MET

 It was a moment of magic when I saw her,I felt somehow crazy,and the crazyness is affecting me emotionally,oh this is an Angel,An Angel is coming, how can someone be as beautiful as She,The winds are blowing,The rain is about to fall,I said to myself I have to meet this girl,suddenly the rain begins to fall,I saw this angel running helter skelter,I went to her immediately and told her to come to my shop in other to avoid the rain,I thought to myself this is an opportunity I have been waiting for thanks to rain and the wind that gave me such opportunity,we started chatting told are so many things,about myself,my hubby, ah girl we have been chatting for a long time now but I don't know your name

Friday, December 2, 2016


Broiler is a lucrative poultry birds that brings in a lot of money due to its high demand,if you have been considering going into this business then you are on the right path of becoming a millionaire within months,broiler farming is

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advantages Of Buying Your Poultry Birds From Us

Are you thinking of venturing into poultry business and you are finding it hard to get a trusted seller don't worry we have that covered we have a lot of trusted sellers,marketers across the country,our sellers are screened and meet our requirements so you have nothing to worry about today in this article we are going to talk about the benefits and advantage of buying from us.

*First Day Vaccination-They will be given necessary vaccinations like destrox,mareks,gent in other to prevent future problems like Marek disease etc

*Easy Delivering:Have you been experiencing delayed delivering before that will be no more if you buy from us,your order will be delivered as fast as possible that is when payment is confirmed We will relieve you of doubting and worrying sometimes there is always a remix in which your birds will be delivered to the wrong person that will be no more if you buy from us.

*Proper Monitoring From Day One
We will monitor your birds from the first day until you sell,we will give you advice on the pick and off season ,we will address any kind of problem that may come presently or future.

*Free Marketing
If you buy from us you won't have difficulties selling because we will take care of all marketing stuff for you.

And so many more for more information visit our Contact Page.