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Monday, November 14, 2016


This is a little story about my love life
 I am an educated person,I lived in Enugun Nigeria before moving to Lagos for school,I met this guy at school he was so cool like cucumber and love me truly  he was handsome like c-ronaldo,we date and courth each other for some years before we finally decide to turn it into marriage,
we are so happy and people are even jealous of us until the day I caught him cheating on me,I was so devastated,Angry,and felt let down,but I decided to let it go,I forgave him but not has happy as before,I tried and finally let it go I thought it a year now,I forgot about it and consider it as past,one day we went to a club together,and a girl came shouting,telling me to stay away from her husband,I thought is this lady blind or crazy,and i happily asked him and he said let's go home as we stand up to leave she shouted and tell me that my husband promised her that he will marry her he promised heaven and earth until I agree we had sex and now I am pregnant,when I told him about it he refused to acknowledge the child has his own, I faced MY husband and asked him he said he is sorry,I gave him a slap,and left,I was a month pregnant but didn't tell him anymore my intention was to tell him at the club but there is no need anymore he  doesn't has the right to him since he has taken away my joy  after nine(9) month away from him I gave birth to a baby boy,i am now(30)yrs i was advised to 're-marry after leaving my first love finally I  saw a man he told me his wife is dead and he also wants a remarriage I was so happy that I finally marry again,I told him about my past,my child  and he accepted, we marry each  other,love,and happy I have given birth to a child for him already after some years of been together someone knock on my doors I opened it was (4) woman oh pls who are you, they said they are looking for the owner of this house I answered it mine,they said we are looking for someone I said ok come and sit down we started chatting so you are looking for my husband,your husband no it's ours I said pls are you sure you are in the right place I brought out is picture they said he is the one, I asked if he his the husband of all of them I mean(4) of them they all answered yes and they asked me of my relationship with him I was shy that I can't answer them he finally came he was surprised I know the people aren't lieng because of how he reacted,i felt sorry for myself i cant bear it any longer i had to give in i dont want to go anywhere again i had to stay in a polygamy family.that is the short story of my love life.

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