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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Forgive Him Or Hate Him(Season one)


Love you EPISODE 1        (FRIENDSHIP)

From the deepest part of my heart I said I love you,I love you,I love you,I am in love with you(gasp) as she woke up.

Mum-what are you saying it's already morning aren't you gonna go to school today

Folake-uhm I am going mum(as she finally woke up)

Mum-so why are you saying I love you

Folake-I dreamt today again MUM

Mum-it's okay go and take your bath and go to school,maybe you are falling for someone(says silently and slowly)

Folake-no,no impossible

Mum-ok go to school

On MY way I kept remembering that oh LAIDE I think I got feelings for that guy no,he is just my best friend ok let me just branch his place

Laide-how are you

Folake-fine so what's your test grade

Laide-it was good,71% and yours

Folake- not to bad 87%

Laide,-you passed, so excellent

Folake-are you sure ok thank you

Alrit says Laide oh lecture is about to start let go as we are heading towards the lecture room I started feeling strange.After finishing lecture I branch to his class

Hello Laide,are you ready to go home

Laide-sure let's go

Laide was somehow shy ,well I thought It's normal for guys,we walked and keep chatting and we reached a point I stopped

Folake-why is your score so low you aren't like that before at least your last score was 90%,you are a genius you even thought me what I know so what's happening

Laide-it's a long story

Folake-can't you tell me now pls,pls

Laide-ok I will,my mother is sick,MY father is not yet around,no one to cater for my mother,she was recently diagnosed with stroke,I had to go through a lot of stress,MY mother can speak anymore ,father has ran away,we are by ourselves so that contributed to MY failure

Folake-sorry since when have you last see your dad

Laide,-since the day my mother was diagnosed with cancer and stroke I think it's like 3month already

Folake-sorry but why dnt you tell me this before

Laide-I just dnt wanna disturb you


Laide-I will be ok you can go now your mum might have been looking for you

Folake-ok bye I will come and check on your mother conditions in the evening bye

On MY way I was thinking of his situation,I was bothered and kept thinking of  it,I got home take my bath and left for his house without saying anything to my mum.
 Hello is somebody here, Ah,what are you doing here said Laide,but i thought you are coming in the evening,uhm since I got nothing to do at home so i decide to come  here so how is the condition of your mother ,it's ok  let's go inside

Laide-mum MY friend is here

Folake-Good afternoon ma

Mum laide-Afternoon MY dear how is mum and dad

Folake-they are all fine I came to check on your health ma

Mum-am now better I can speak now you see Folake dnt worry about me go and play with your friend.

Laide-ok let's go

We went outside and start playing suddenly our eyes met,I looked straight into his eyes with love,he came close to me,drag me and onto the next episode
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