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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (BREAK UP)

 If you haven't  read episode 2 read it HERE and episode 1 HERE.
Thank God I know his address,I will have to go to his place I don't know what's wrong with him.I left my exam even when I know it's gonna hurt me but I don't care because I will be hurt the most if he leave me.he is my life and soul,I can't do without him,I left my exam and went to Lagos,I got there and saw one fair lady,

Folake-Hello,please I am seeking for laide

Lady-For What

Folake-I am his girlfriend,I came to visit him

Lady-Whose Girlfriend


Lady-you better don't fool yourself because I am laide .........(and she stopped) and called laide, laide you get a visitor.
As he came out he was so surprised to see me

Folake-it's me your girlfriend I am happy to..... I went to straight to hug him,I love you so much,I really love you please don't leave me,I am ready to leave my studies,parent and my career I will stay here by your side,I will never leave anymore

Laide- Thats before you are now my ex I am sorry  see this lady she is now my new and genuine girlfriend,you didn't come at the right time,hadn't been it was yesterday Maybe I would have considered you but now it's impossible.

Folake-What are you trying to say

Laide-it's time for us to put an end to this,we are now matured please if you really love me you will accept, because right now I am happy with her seer the

Folake-Ok but before we end this what have I done wrong because I won't go until you tell me what is wrong,what have I done pls tell me ,Pls I am begging you what have I done(Angrily).

Laide-is that what you wanna here, Fine I will tell you,The Photo on your instagram,Facebook, What is it

Folake-what are you joking,is that the reason why you are angry,He is my friend

Laide-only friends, are you sure, you know  what, it's like I don't know you anymore,you are now a liar that one is your friend well you can take your leave..

I refused to leave that day because the reasons are flimsy,I waited at his door for hours and day he kept telling me to leave,I was annoyed after so much I have sacrificed for him,his mother, his studies,I tried to forgo the pain he caused him I still keep telling myself that I am stupid,well I decide to leave ,he never breach a word nor did like he knows me,the worst thing he did that breaks my heart the most is making love with his new girlfriend in my presence he even told me he did that intentionally,so that I to can pass through the pain I caused him I was thinking of what I have done to him is it because of the pics on my Facebook and instagram,No it can't be that there must be another reason but he doesn't want to talk to me,there is nothing I can do when I was leaving I told him good bye,he never said anything,I went back to Abuja I told him to give me a call whenever he changes his mind,I got back to my base annoyed,I heard news that I am gonna repeat my class,I thought I loose two things my life and my education,so I will repeat a year again because of him,I called him and told him  that if he accepts me I will forgive him and come back to him,he didn't say anything and hang up,I thought and said to myself he doesn't love me anymore ,I tried to move on by remembering the pain he has caused me,but I can't,my life is ending,I can't seem to love anymore,I am loosing my self esteem,my self confidence,infact my beauty,I tried to kill myself so many time,I was helpless,now a victim of love I tried to move on but I can't do so, some men tried to he me but I keep rejecting them,one day I was tired of my life,I can concentrate on my studies anymore,I am gone,the next thing that came to my mind was  kill yourself, go and kill yourself everything has gone against you I said it's true I obeyed as I was about hang myself a man came to save me

Who is the man

What happened after

Until the next episode drop your comments below guess what happened to the girl after break up

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Forgive him or Hate Him-(Episode 2)

 . . . . . . .  .  . . .  . .  . . . . .   .                                    Beginning of Love

IF you haven't read Episode 1 read it Here. we are  sorry for delaying this post the 3rd episode won't be like that.

 I looked straight into his eyes with love,he came close to me and wanna kiss me,I stopped him by saying has your mum eaten,he was ashamed and said yes,no yes,no,yes sure pls I am sorry as he ran inside,I was happy because I love him to and I had that feelings he also does especially now that he almost kiss me,I went inside happy and went straight to his mum

Folake(me)-mum do you know where your son is

Mum Laide-No I dent but I thought you two are playing earlier

Folake-well he suddenly left ok dent worry I will look for him inside the house Laide,Laide,Laide he finally answered

Laide-sorry pls I am in the toilet,you can go ahead I will see you later

Folake-ok bye.I knew he was shy so I decided to stay behind the doors,I just saw him coming, sitting down in the sitting room laughing,I was curious and finally show myself to him.So why are you laughing

Laide- ah,you came back, why,but I thought you said you are going to your house,did you forget something,

Folake- yes I forget to tell you this

Laide -What

Folake-about the stuff that happened earlier

Laide-pls I am sorry

Folake- sorry for what let me confess to you I love it

Laide- what! You love it what do you mean

Folake-that I love what you wanna do the other time

Laide-i dnt understands what you are saying

Folake-I don't understand why you guy always act innocent I know you understand what I mean dnt be shy say it

Laide-it's late your mum will be worried about you

Folake-I love you I really love you Laide if you will be shy to acknowledge that then I won't do you understand Do you love me to

Laide-pls I know what I did was wrong I am sorry I know you are only joking

Folake-joking NO I am asking a question Do you Love Me

Laide-Yes shouting Yes l Love you so much,I Love you to

Folake-i love you To

  That was the beginning of our love chapter,we both fell in love do things together in fact in school they  know us to be boyfriend and girlfriend it's no more a secret thing our mum's knows about it ,Finally We graduated from high school,I secured my admission to Abuja why He secured his own to Lagos,I was so devastated that we had to leave each other,we
  are so fund of each other I was dissatisfied,I told him we should do the examination again maybe we will be luck he told me that was what he was also thinking but it's impossible dnt worry I am gonna call you always every seconds,every minute,every hour,every day and every month.we parted our way and go to our various schools.
 We maintain our relationship even though we don't see each other anymore,our relationship was steady for 3yrs,after some time during the 3rd year I will call him but he won't answer me anymore,until a day when he finally picked it

 Folake-I am so worried about you how are you,why dnt you pick my calls well I know you had been very busy

Laide-Are you through,is that all,are you truly worried,I dnt think so

Folake-What are you saying?, What's Wrong with you?Why are you talking to me like this what have I done wrong.

Laide-You are asking me you cheater,I trust you I love you both you break my heart Why

 He hang up the phone,that day I was dieing there is nothing left in me so many questions pop into my mind what have I done Wrong,What's Wrong with him I was advised by my friends to give him a call again so i decided to

Laide-what's wrong again I told you lets put an end to this I know this is what you have been longing for a break up isn't it well I won't disturb you and your boyfriend anymore it is enough,enough is enough

Folake-crying and Weeping pls dnt do this I no nothing about your claims,nothing me,another boyfriend,where did you here that,who on earth is telling you this you are wrong you are the only  one in my life pls remember our promise to each other,till death do us apart,pls say £something I beg of you.

Laide -I remember all our promise but you are the traitor that  destroys everything bye and dnt ever call again bye my love
I cried,wept became sick and decided to go to his place at Lagos,I thought I still get two exams ,and if I miss it I will surely repeat the exam and do it again the coming Year,I was so deep in thought that I had to choose between My exam and Laide I thought Laide is my life I will surely fail the exam due to lack of Concentration  I choose to see LAIDE In school over my Exam,watch out for the 3rd episode.drop your comments what do you learn share it to us as comments you might also like



Different Ages Of Unmarried Guys And The Way They See Romance

Victim Of Love.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Quality Of A Good Boyfriend

 We are all looking for Mr Right,Mr perfect,Mr good that will take care of us and love us more than we do,but the best way to know Mr Right is to look through his quality Does he has the quality of a good person, Is he really the right person for me  Are we really compatible All this will be answered when you look through the quality carefully which is stated below


  Triclosan are antibacterial use to reduce and curb the spread of is a powerful ingredient used in cosmetics,deodorant,soap,dental care,skin care e.t.c but comes with a lot of side effect which makes it banned by the FDA And a gain an hazardous rating from EWG(Environmental Working Group).Studies Shows that Triclosan and Triclocarban can cross the skin and remain in the body even if used for a few seconds or minutes which poses danger to our overall health.let's look through the side effect below


*it encourages bacterial resistance to antibiotics

*it is linked to liver and inhalation toxicity

*it disrupt thyroid functions,estrogen and testosterone hormone.

*it penetrates into mother breast milk thus posing dangerous effect on the development of infants brain

*it weakens the immune system

*it leads to uncontrolled cell growth


 After looking through the side  effect it is known to be harmful to our health and environment   therefore there is a need to choose a non microbial products in variety of personal care  and household product.below are the list of Products that contains Triclosan ranging from soap,deodorant,cosmetics,and personal care product

Movate skin lightening creams HQ,Total skin care Makeup kit, Mavala lip base,Blemish Cover Stick,Jason natural cosmetics,Paul Mitchell Detangler Comb,Dazzle,

Tea tree therapy liquid soap,proven soap,Clerasil Daily Face Wash,clean&clear Foaming Facial Cleanser,DermaKleen Antibacterial lotion Soap,Naturade Aloe Vera80 Antibacterial soap,CVS Antibacterial soap,Phisoderm Antibacterial Soap

Dental Care;
Colgate Total ,Reach Antibacterial toothbrush,Janina diamond whitening Toothpaste,Breeze TRiclosan Mouthwash

Right Guard Spot Deodorant,Queen Helene Tea tree oil Deodorant,Aloe Deodorant etc
And so many products ranging from personal care product,kitchenware etc(source=beyondpesticide)




The Best way to stay avoidiit is to

Stay Away from any product that contains Triclosan

Checking labels and snubbing anyone with Triclosan

Quitting or stopping any product that pose to be antibacterial or antimicrobial.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Cska Moscow vs Bayern Leverkusen

Borusia Dortmund vs Legia Warshaw

Dinamo Zagreb vs Lyon

Fc Copenhagen vs Fc Porto

Leicester city vs club bridge

Monaco vs Tottenham Hotspur

Sevilla vs Juventus

Sporting Lisbon vs Real Madrid

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sporting Lisbon vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid has published there squad for Tuesday champions league against sporting Lisbon,Ronaldo will be hoping to hit again just like he did against athletico madrid in the Spanish league,zizou might use the same formation he used in the derby or a 4-3-3 formation consisting of the BBC,provided that Karin benzema and Sergio Ramos are fit enough to play the full 90min.

Real Madrid 20 Man champions League squad list

Keylor navas,casilla and yanez

Ramos,Varane,Nacho,Marcelo,coentrao,danilo and carvajal.

James,kovacic,Modric,isco and Asensio

Cr7,Bale,Benzema,Lucas Vasquez and Mariano.

Injury News

Sergio Ramos and benzema are expected to get there first starts as they have both been included in the 20 man squad list why pepe(hamstring),morata(hamstring),kross(foot) and casemiro(leg) are still sidelined.

Caro White Skin Care Overview

Caro White is a formula wealthy in B-carotene and vitamin A and E so as to make your skin lightweight,manageable and satin smooth,it's elements and active principles are specifically analysed to deep nourish your skin,shield it and provide you with sense of well being

Key Ingredients

Petrolatum,stearic acid,cetearyl alchol Isopropyl Myristate,Glycerine,methyl and propyl group Paraben,Huille De Carotte,vit E(0.2%) Hydroquinone max(2%) Aqua,fragrance.Let's study the ingredient/formula used

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stupid or Wise

One day I was doing some hot stuff on my android phone suddenly I was called upon, I gave my sister MY android phone to continue what I was doing,after I finish what I was called to do and I told My sister to give me back MY phone she just started laughing and told me that she is cooling it in water because it is very might also like

Lost Ram

Wedding Invitation

Thursday, November 17, 2016


To become a successful and great businessman requires a lot of hard work,discipline and self control.Below are proven method to become a great and successful businessman like Bill gate,Dangote,etc

*Set A Goal:-
To become a great entrepreneur you have to decide what and when you want to achieve a particular thing within or over a particular period of time,This will speed things up,and reduces time wastage in doing unnecessary things.

Monday, November 14, 2016


This is a little story about my love life
 I am an educated person,I lived in Enugun Nigeria before moving to Lagos for school,I met this guy at school he was so cool like cucumber and love me truly  he was handsome like c-ronaldo,we date and courth each other for some years before we finally decide to turn it into marriage,

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Understanding is the pillar of every marriage,A marriage built on love must look for understanding unless they want there relationship to collapse,love without understanding is not yet complete,and a relationship that doesn't understand each other are prone to illness,break up.marriage illness is the ageing of marriage,a marriage without understanding will age quickly infact very fast,instead of it to grow in love it will only grow in sorrow,regrets,frustration order to make you understand more Better let's describe understanding as a language.
A Chinese marry an

Forgive Him Or Hate Him(Season one)


Love you EPISODE 1        (FRIENDSHIP)

From the deepest part of my heart I said I love you,I love you,I love you,I am in love with you(gasp) as she woke up.

Mum-what are you saying it's already morning aren't you gonna go to school today

Folake-uhm I am going mum(as she finally woke up)

Mum-so why are you saying I love you

Folake-I dreamt today again MUM

Mum-it's okay go and take your bath and go to school,maybe you are falling for someone(says silently and slowly)

Folake-no,no impossible

Mum-ok go to school

On MY way I kept remembering that oh LAIDE I think I got feelings for that guy no,he is just my best friend ok let me just branch his place

Laide-how are you

Folake-fine so what's your test grade

Laide-it was good,71% and yours

Folake- not to bad 87%

Laide,-you passed, so excellent

Folake-are you sure ok thank you

Alrit says Laide oh lecture is about to start let go as we are heading towards the lecture room I started feeling strange.After finishing lecture I branch to his class

Hello Laide,are you ready to go home

Laide-sure let's go

Laide was somehow shy ,well I thought It's normal for guys,we walked and keep chatting and we reached a point I stopped

Folake-why is your score so low you aren't like that before at least your last score was 90%,you are a genius you even thought me what I know so what's happening

Laide-it's a long story

Folake-can't you tell me now pls,pls

Laide-ok I will,my mother is sick,MY father is not yet around,no one to cater for my mother,she was recently diagnosed with stroke,I had to go through a lot of stress,MY mother can speak anymore ,father has ran away,we are by ourselves so that contributed to MY failure

Folake-sorry since when have you last see your dad

Laide,-since the day my mother was diagnosed with cancer and stroke I think it's like 3month already

Folake-sorry but why dnt you tell me this before

Laide-I just dnt wanna disturb you


Laide-I will be ok you can go now your mum might have been looking for you

Folake-ok bye I will come and check on your mother conditions in the evening bye

On MY way I was thinking of his situation,I was bothered and kept thinking of  it,I got home take my bath and left for his house without saying anything to my mum.
 Hello is somebody here, Ah,what are you doing here said Laide,but i thought you are coming in the evening,uhm since I got nothing to do at home so i decide to come  here so how is the condition of your mother ,it's ok  let's go inside

Laide-mum MY friend is here

Folake-Good afternoon ma

Mum laide-Afternoon MY dear how is mum and dad

Folake-they are all fine I came to check on your health ma

Mum-am now better I can speak now you see Folake dnt worry about me go and play with your friend.

Laide-ok let's go

We went outside and start playing suddenly our eyes met,I looked straight into his eyes with love,he came close to me,drag me and onto the next episode
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Characteristics Of True Love

Before  stating the characteristics of true love let's quickly describe love
 Love is an intense feelings
you have towards someone or something.let's describe it more by breaking it down
Love= intense + feelings + something
     Of extreme.+emotional state + someone
So love means to be in an extreme emotional state towards someone. So below are the characteristics of love that makes it special.

Love is selflessTrue love are selfless they think and care about other feelings,they have and show empathy for there partners and put themselves in someone else shoe I.e the antithesis of selfishness.

Love EnduresSo many difficult times will come but a true love will endure all manners of adversity.

*Love TrustA true love doesn't doubt but relies and confidence on the integrity of his partner.

*Love is CompassionateLove shows  compassion I.e merciful ,tenderness heart,love shows mercy towards his partner,it shows desire to alleviate pain and suffering from his partner.

*Love is kind
It forgive easily and shows the mantle of kindness towards the shortcomings of others.

*Love is unconditional
It accepts you no matter how your past maybe,it accepts without asking for anything in return,it loves you without limitations.

Others Are;-

*It maintains faith with others

*it stands in Times of trouble

*True Love are not jealous

*it is not boastful

*it shows Respect towards his partner.

 Characteristics of love has no end,you can also post yours as comments.subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


one day i was at my shop sitting,suddenly people started shouting and running,many people run in front of my shop,not knowing why, i just know something bad is happening i picked race as well beccause i was afraid,i left everything behind i ran from boluwaji to sanyo before realising that those people were running after there lost ram

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


MY name is angel i just experience loving a man but  never loved back,and i have also been loved by a man but not capable of loving him back,so i am in love with a guy that does not even give a damn about me,i  to seduced him through variuos ways sex,etc but he doesnt found it in his hearth to love me,whenever we finish sex he will just leave me but before it would seem he is already in love with me lately i realise it is lust and there is a particular guy that fall for me but i dnt love him i tried to but i cant,Now i am stucked i dnt know what to do any longer i dnt know who to chose pls i need your sincere comment pls tell me which one to go for.                                   

                                              Thank you.............


  There are many ways to make money offline an one of it is delivering product such as food,seasonings etc its a lucrative business that can be start with little capital and yet will yield a lot of income if done in the right way.
  Many market womens are now busy nowadays,especially the retailers they dnt have time to go to the market everyday,some consider the cost of transportation and stress
ss so they prefer a person that an sell to them directly to there base,so smart people now uses that to there advantage by buying from a wholesalers at a reduced and selling the product to the you know the basics buying from a wholesalers and selling back to the retailer,so how will i get customers;

  There are many ways to get customers;

#Meeting with potential customers;

#Meeting with store owners

#Advertise online and offline and use the word of mouth.

its not really hard to get customers the best way is to visit shop owners,tell them about your services and am sure they will firmly embrace it.when i started mine it wasnt hard at all i visited all the shop owners ,i told them about my services and then i deliver and they pay.Many of them really likes payment after delivery at least within a month i got like 50 unique customers now i have more than 500 unique customers.the next question is what you need to get start

*A proposal letter; a proposal letter is needed,some people dnt have the time for you to start talking,so in that case you will have to submit a proposal my on case i dnt use it except if i go to a larger store.

*Mode of transportation ; in this kind of business you will need a bus, in other to transport your product to your customers if you dnt have one you can rent one or get a special bus driver.the next question is how to get started

How to get started

*Research the product you want to sell;know the product that best fit your environment i.e the product that sell faster e.g i sell food product its the most demanded stuff in my environment

*Buy from an wholesales company;buy from a cost effective wholesales company that will sell to you at a redcued price

*Compare your price to the market price,make it as low as possible.

*Start selling and earning.

 NB When i first started i was frustrated becuase i earn little amount from it but when i discovered my self confidence,i become determined to succeed in it and yes it came true,i am now more satisfied with my in ome,yes i had so many problems with my customer some are going to start calling and saying bla but instead of shouting i handed it as cool as cucumber this made my customers to trust me so much and they start reffering me to there friends thats it be good to them and they will surely do the i will be saying thank you and happy journey to a successful enterpreneur. Thank you.